Top 5 mountain bikes under 200 dollars

For you who have a hobby of wild adventure in the mountains, you will definitely need best vehicle like a mountain bike. However, you do not have to worry about being able to have a mountain bike. From Amazon, there are five best mountain bikes for fewer than 200 dollars. That means you can save a lot of money and have a quality mountain bike. Here, we will compare some of products that have been selected based on quality and price. So, let us consider them one by one.

Mongoose XR200 Bike (26-Inch, Red)

Do you like cycling around the city? Or you can take it to the mountains and down the steep path. Mongoose XR200 is the best choice for those who like simplicity in action. This bike is covered by an aluminum frame with front suspension, so you can drive comfortably and without shocks. With front disc brake and rear V brake, you can adjust to any road conditions and obstacles. For the design, you can have this bike in red. This is an option that will add elegance taste for your adventures.

Mongoose Maxim Dual-Suspension Mountain Bike (24-Inch Wheels)

Do you need a tough vehicle? With its custom made frame, the alloy dual-suspension you can control it easily. If you are constantly shocked when she climbed the steep ground, you can rely on its shock absorber and the front fork suspension. In addition, alloy linear pull brakes will be your savior in every turn. 24-inch boys ‘bike is the best choice for those who like quick and simple shapes. This bike has 24 x 1.95 tires were able to sneak in every street. So, you will be advanced without difficulty.

Huffy Men’s DS-3 Mountain Bike (26-Inch, Black)

Black is the right choice for cyclists who enjoy elegance, style driving. This product has a weight of 44 pounds and 69 x 25 x 43 inches. With hi-ten steel 4-link suspension frame, you can enjoy a fun adventure. If you are leaning it in your garage, you can see that a bike with 26 “x 1.95″ knobby tires is pretty choice. Of course, you will not be surprised because this bike looks very heavy and extreme. However, you will get the best guarantee of a bike that is suitable to ridden by men.

Pacific Stratus Men’s Mountain Bike (26-Inch Wheels)

This bike is very simple. You can observe from its practical and not too many accessories. However, this is a mountain bike with steel frame. You can pedal it means carefree for this bicycle uses rear steel caliper brakes. You can feel a strong grip whhen you hit the brake with its sure-stopping front and. Well, large knobby tires will grind stone and asphalt unequivocally with your trip.

You do not need to ask how this bike will satisfy your desires. Perhaps, there are some people who do not fit the product. But, if you compare with other bikes with a similar price, you will get better quality.

Mongoose Women’s Woodland Bicycle (White)

This bike is coated white aluminum and alloy wheels which allow you to cross paths. You can stop anytime with PROMAX rotation front disc brake and linear pull rear brake. In addition, you will sit on comfortable saddle and slippage-free.

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So, which one is you would buy? You will be able to compare all of the above options to suit your needs. For adventures in the mountains and the city, all the products mentioned above will be a viable option.

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