Best Running Shoes For Heavy Men 2012

Best Running Shoes For Heavy Men 2012

There are so many options when it comes to running shoes on the market these days, but what about the best running shoes for heavy men this year?

The top pick on Amazon is the Brooks PureFlow running shoe which is available in blue/dark grey, green/light grey, and white/orange. It’s priced around and utilizes a minimalist design without sacrificing the support and comfort you’re used to. Brooks developed five different features that they’ve implemented in all of their Pure shoes which help maximize your stride and encourages a more natural foot strike. This shoe was awarded the Best Buy in the March 2012 issue of Runner’s World magazine.

The next best bet for the best running shoe for heavy men is also from the Brooks Pure collection; Brooks PureConnect running shoe. This shoe comes in black, blue, light grey, green, dark grey, and orange and also sells for around $80 online. This shoe won the Best Debut award in the 2012 winter shoe guide from Runner’s World magazine. This is the lightest shoe in the Brooks Pure collection and is geared for the runner looking for an even more minimalist shoe. With the same features as the last shoe which promotes a more natural and forward stride, this will help place you over your center of gravity and therefore reduce the stress on your body. In other words, it’s perfect for the heavy male runner. This shoe has a total weight of only 9 oz which will provide a light and smooth experience for the heaviest male runner.

There is no doubt that the Brooks Pure collection was designed with comfort in mind. The third best bet for 2012 for the heavy male runner is the Nike Air Max 2012. This shoe comes in a teal/black combination and provides more support than the two previous Brooks options. The hyperfuse construction used by Nike in the design of this shoe provides maximum and gives a smooth transition during your entire footstrike. This will be a huge benefit for the heavy male runner. When considering shoes for the heavy male runner, always keep in mind where the center of gravity is in regards to the shoe. Look for a shoe that encourages a more forward footstrike to help reduce the stress placed on the body when running. You’ll also want to look for a balance between support and a lightweight design.

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